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Activated Carbon Felt


Activated Carbon Felt is a porous form of carbon that is activated during manufacturing. Our raw material is activated by gas flow to develop a high surface pore structure for specialized applications.

Our A4 sample sheets are stocked and available for purchase and testing. All sheets are ~ 2mm x 8″ x 12″. If you need a custom size or larger quantity, please contact us directly.

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Activated Carbon Felt (ACF)

Recommended Max Temp:
  752℉ | 400℃ Oxidizing Atmosphere
1472℉ | 800℃ Vacuum or Inert Atmosphere

Grade: Activated Carbon Felt (Gas Flow Activation)

What is Activated Carbon Felt?
Activated Carbon Felt (ACF) is a porous form of carbon which can be manufactured from a variety of carbonaceous raw materials. Our raw material is manufactured from carbon fiber that has been activated by gas flow to develop a high surface pore structure and specific surface area ranging from 950-1500 M²/g dependent on grade. Due to the material’s excellent adsorption properties, ACF is commonly used for recovery, purification, and filtration applications. Material regeneration via heat or other methods is excellent as adsorption capacity is approximatly the same after many regeneration cycles. Additionally, ACF is heat, acid, and alkaline resistant.
  • Heat, acid, and alkaline resistant
  • Directly activated non-woven fibre with high surface area and good purity
  • Large adsorption volume
  • Fast adsorption speed
  • Material regeneration for activated carbon is convenient and easy at relatively low temperatures
  • Approximately the same initial adsorption capacity after many regenerations
  • Applications
  • Solvent Recovery
  • Air Purification
  • Water Treatment
  • Gas Masks
  • Cigarette Filtration
  • Nuclear Air Cleaning System
  • Ozone Elimination Filter
  • Gasoline Fumes
  • Vaporization protection for cars
  • Properties
    Specific Surface Area (M² /g)950120013501500
    Micropore Volume (ml/g)0.8-1.20.8-1.20.8-1.20.8-1.2
    Density per meter² (g/m² )280 ± 30250 ± 30250 ± 30250 ± 30
    Micropore Diameter (A)17-2017-2017-2017-20
    Benzene Absorption Capacity (%)30-3538-4345-5053-58
    Iodine Absorption Value (mg/g)850-9001100-12001300-14001400-1500
    Methylene Blue Absorption Value (mg/g)150180220250
    PH Value (pH)5-75-75-75-7
    Fire Point Centigrade (℃)500 Min500 Min500 Min500 Min

    Pricing Overview

    Grade~ SizePrice Per Sheet
    ACF10002mm x 8" x 12"$22.00
    ACF13002mm x 8" x 12"$25.00
    ACF15002mm x 8" x 12"$28.00
    ACF16002mm x 8" x 12"$32.00
    Sheets are for testing. Custom sizes and thicknesses available. Request a quote.
    Activated Carbon Felt
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