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Graphite Insulation Boards


Graphite Insulation boards are manufactured from rigidized rayon felt and are used as insulation for vacuum or protective atmosphere process furnaces. The boards are easily cut or machined to custom sizes and can be used in both square and round hot zones.

Optional foil-lined boards increase radiant heat retention and minimize issues with furnace contaminant containment.

Boards must be shipped freight to ensure safe delivery. Please contact us directly for a custom shipping quote or place your order and a representative will contact you to confirm shipping cost before processing your order.

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Graphite Insulation Boards

Pre-fired / Heat-treated Temp: 3632℉ | 2000℃

Grade: Graphite Board, Rigidized Rayon Felt

What are Graphite Insulation Boards?
Graphite Insulation Boards, manufactured from rigidized rayon felt, are used as refractory insulation for vacuum or protective atmosphere process furnaces. Material is pre-fired to 3632°F (2000°C). This premium material is pre-fired at higher temperatures, has a higher carbon content, lower ash content, and lower thermal conductivity in comparison to carbon insulation boards made from pan. Ash purification services to ≤ 20ppm available. The rigid insulation boards can be easily cut or machined to custom sizes and used in both square and round hot zones. Request a custom quote.
Surface & layering Options
Materials such as Graphite Foil, Carbon Fiber Composite (CFC), and GraphiSeal can be used to enhance the perforamnce of our carbon boards. Foil and CFC can be used on exterior surface(s) or layered internally.

  • Graphite foil
    • Dust generation prevention
    • Surface protection
    • Low gas-permeability
    • Increase radiant heat retention while reducing issues with furnace contaminant containment
    • Decreases pump downtimes and increases longevity of the insulation
  • Carbon Fiber Composite (CFC)
    • Dust generation prevention
    • High strength and surface protection
    • Promotes excellent durability, impact, & wear resistance
  • GraphiSeal Coating
    • Reduce porosity and dusting
    • Improve oxidation resistance
    • Surface(s) and/or edge(s) can be sealed with specified number of coats
    • Material can be mixed with Silicon Carbide powder to produce an anti-eutectic coating
Benefits of Graphite Insulation Boards
  • Boards can be fabricated into complex shapes & machined to print
  • Grapite Foil option available on surface(s) or layered
  • CFC option available on surface(s) or layered
  • GraphiSeal Coating option available on surface(s) and/or edge(s)
  • Carbon Content ≥ 99%
  • Ash purification servces to ≤ 20ppm available
  • Custom machining and fabrication available
Applications of Graphite Insulation Boards
  • Vacuum Furnaces
  • Powdered Metal Sintering
  • Annealing & Hot Pressing
  • Silicon / GaAs Crystal Growing Furnaces
  • Sputtering Targets
  • Fiber Optics Production
  • CVD, CVI, and CVR Furnaces
  • Graphite Purification Furnaces
  • Carbon Fiber Heat Treating Furnaces

Pricing Overview

BoardsProcess Temp.
(℉ | ℃)
(g/cm³ | lb/ft³)
Weight per Board
Foil Coating
Carbon Boards219212001" x 40" x 60"0.2515.6122$1100.00$1300.00
(2 Sides)
219212001.5" 40" x 60"0.2515.6132$1,300.00$1,500.00
(2 Sides)
219212002" x 40" x 60"0.2515.6143$2,200.00$2,400.00
(2 Sides)
219212004" x 40" x 60"0.2515.6186$2,600.00$2,750.00
(2 Sides)
Graphite Boards363212001" x 24" x 52"0.2414.9811$565.00$615.00
363220001" x 40" x 60"0.2414.9821$1,100.00$1,200.00
363220001.5" x 24" x 52"0.2414.9816$850.00$900.00
363220001.5" 40" x 60"0.2414.9831$1,650.00$1,750.00
363220002" x 24" x 52"0.2414.9822$1,125.00$1,175.00
363220002" x 40" x 60"0.2414.9841$2,160.00$2,260.00
363220004" x 24" x 52"0.2414.9843$2,630.00$2,680.00
363220004" x 40" x 60"0.2414.9883$4,350.00$4,450.00
Graphite boards
You’ re viewing: Graphite Insulation Boards $565.00$4,450.00
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