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Graphite Adhesive EBS-2X


EBS-2X is a two-part high-temperature graphite adhesive that is carbon-filled and reinforced. EBS-2X is a great solution for bonding, filling, and repairing graphite or CFC components used in reducing atmospheres to 5400℉ (2982℃).

Our 400ml Dispensing kit automatically mixes parts one & two minimizing handling, waste, and ensuring accurate mixture.

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Temperature Rating:

In vacuum – 5400℉ | 2982℃

Grade: 2X Adhesive (2 Part System)

4 mil coverage: ≅400ft²/gal

High carbon yield and 100% Solids
Easy to apply two-part application
No VOP’s, solvents, or additional Hazmat fees for shipping
Caulking tubes have custom two-part guns available
Shelf life of 2 years at room temperature, 3 years in the freezer
Hardens at room temperature with a 1-2 hour working window
Bonding graphite to graphite for repairs and fabrication
Locking graphite and carbon fiber composite nuts to threads
Bonding graphite foil to graphite rigid insulation or carbon fiber composites
Bonding carbon fiber composites to graphite rigid insulation
Solids Content100%
AppearanceThick, pasty thixotropic liquid
Part 1 Viscosity25,000 cps
Mixed Viscosity15,000 cps
Carbon Filler>35%
Carbon char yield after bake out78%
Max Temerpature5400℉ | 2982℃
4 mil Coverage≅400ft²/gal
Tensile-Shear Strength≤1100 psi
Cure time
@room temp.
≤ 24 hr (touch dry 3-6 hr)
1 hour
* Values vary dependent on film thickness and ambient temperature

Pricing Overview

EBS-1X Adhesive11 fl oz Caulking Tube$160.00
EBS-2X Adhesive5 Gallon$2,000.00
1 Gallon$440.00
EBS-2X Dispensing Gun400ml Kit without Cartridge$498.00
400ml Kit with Cartridge$698.00
Additional Static Mixer Packs
EBS2X Adhesive
You’ re viewing: Graphite Adhesive EBS-2X $440.00$2,000.00
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